Christ Orchard

Farm Animals

Meet Our Farm Animals

At our orchard, we invite you to learn about our farm animals. Each one has its role on the farm.


Christ Orchard Turkeys

The turkeys might be the first thing that you hear as you near the farm animals. The excitement of new visitors will typically bring a round of gobbles. Shortly before Thanksgiving, our turkeys will be processed in a certified facility and available for pick-up on our farm. Contact us for more information.



Christ Orchard guinea

These protective breed of poultry like to serve a watchdog, and cause quite a ruckus when they think something is up. They also help us out by eating bugs around the farm.



Christ Orchard hogs

Take a look at our pigs and see how smart they are! They operate a self-feeder and self-waterer. It’s no wonder they can reach 300 lbs by the end of the season!


Christ Orchard chickens

Our chickens provide eggs for our family and customers to enjoy. See if you can spot the rooster!



Christ Orchard Alpaca

Rusty serves our farm as a "watch dog" for the sheep when they are out to pasture. In the fall, he gets a break to come in and enjoy the visitors to the orchard.



Christ Orchard cats

The farm cats roam the orchard for mice, helping keep that population under control. Of course, they also enjoy relaxing in the shade as well.

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