Christ Orchard

About Christ Orchard

Our Rich Heritage
At Christ Orchard, the 2012 season marked our 35th year in operation.

The orchard was initially planted by the Midland Coal Company in the early 1970s. Later, when the orchard came into production, Elmwood school's FFA organization was asked to tend and operate the land. As a high school student, Kurt Christ was integrally involved in the care of the orchard. Upon Kurt's graduation, he first rented and ultimately purchased the orchard in the mid-1980s.

Family Owned and Operated
Kurt & Connie along with their children, Beth (Phil), Lena (Loren), Molly, Karl and Amy, have been working together to provide quality fruit and other products for you, our customer, for many years. Kurt’s parents, Walter & Doris, as well as his sister Melinda, have always been appreciated support to the business operation as well. We look forward to serving you in the future.

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