Christ Orchard

Pumpkins and Squash


We offer pumpkins for all of your fall decoration or culinary needs. Whether you are searching for the best-looking Jack-o Lantern or the best tasting heirloom variety, we have a pumpkin to fit your needs. Choose a pumpkin from the rack or venture into the patch during October and cut it off the vine yourself. We also grow specialty pumpkins including white, blue, Cinderella, buckskin, and warty varieties.


A few of our most popular varieties are:

Acorn (green or white) - an old favorite

Butternut - smooth and flavorful flesh

Buttercup - excellent sweet flavor and smooth, dense flesh

Spaghetti - interior ‘noodles’ like spaghetti noodles

Delicata - colorful with fine grained, sweet flesh

Sweet Lightning - pale yellow and orange stripes; good for decorating; great eating

Kabocha (green or orange)- sweet, rich flavor and dense, orange flesh

Sweet Dumpling - colorful; acorn shape; sweet flesh

Hubbard - tear drop shaped; great for decoration and eating

Jumbo Pink Banana - thick; fine grained; light orange flesh; delicious flavor and makes the best pumpkin pie


We grow various types of gourds, including small, warty gourds and large birdhouse gourds. For your convenience, we offer our larger gourds green or already dried for your crafting needs.